Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës aims to, through its online platform, inform customers about the services we offer. Kosovo Rural Credit through its channels, defines and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the client’s financial privacy. In providing our services, we are in harmony with Law No. 06/L-082 on the Protection of Personal Data as well as the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR), in order that the client’s personal data be safe.

When the client accesses the Kosovo Rural Credit website, it is advised to read the Privacy Policy, to determine the policies that apply to the information or data stored by this site. The Microfinance Institution “Rural Credit of Kosovo”, to maintain the confidentiality of all the information provided by the client:

  • KRK will collect general information about the client in order to provide the best services and products, as allowed by Law No. 06/L-082 on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Government bodies, judicial bodies, law enforcement agencies or KRK regulators may by law request disclosure of customer information, but KRK will disclose this information only in cases specified in applicable law.
  • KRK will not disclose customer information to any outside organization unless KRK has the customer’s consent, is permitted or required by law, or has previously informed the customer..
  • KRK only collects customer information from required in relation to the institution’s business development, compliance with legal and regulatory obligations as well as financial risk management activities.
  • Through its online platform, KRK accepts contact information such as (name, surname, personal number, e-mail, phone number, resume, motivation letter, etc.) from applicants for loans or recruitment in our institution.
  • Through “cookies”, KRK analyzes the use of our website, which pages are used the most, in which part visitors are most interested and this is used to improve our website. KRK does not use these cookies to store or collect any personal information.
  • KRK places a link on its website for certain purposes, such as a link for applying for a loan or a link for applying for a job position announced by KRK. Link for loan application and recruitment, the applicant sets personal identifying information in which KRK collects, if the applicant has consented to their provision.

KRK is responsible for the personal data collected from you, so in the future you will be informed about which personal data we collect, the purposes of using that data, how long we keep it, who is responsible for managing your data of the client, who can provide additional information about the processing of personal data, how consent can be withdrawn, as well as your rights as a subject of personal data, where for more information you can find in the Announcement upon the Data Protection Rights

1. What information is processed by the client?

The information collected by KRK is related to identification information (name and surname, identification number, identity card/passport, country and date of birth, gender), contracting information (postal address, e-mail address and telephone number) ), Information on education and employment, Banking and financial data, Data related to your free activities and interests and other data which are necessary for the realization of the purpose of the institution.

2. Purposes of using customer data?

The purposes for which customer data is used are to fulfill our obligations in accordance with applicable laws and by-laws including: Banking and financial regulations applicable to microfinance institutions, Performing a contract with you as well as Fulfilling our legitimate interest .

3. The retention period of the customer’s personal data?

KRK keeps the personal data for a period which is in accordance with the laws and by-laws in force.

4. Who is responsible for managing the customer’s personal data?

Responsible for your personal data is Kreditimi Rural i Kosova (KRK), Rr. “Behije Dashi” no. 20, Prishtina

5. Who can provide information about personal data processing and personal rights?

The Personal Data Protection Officer is the appropriate person where I can provide more detailed information about the client’s personal rights, who can be contacted via e-mail:

6. How to withdraw consent?

The customer has the right to withdraw his consent at any time and must complete the  Withdrawal of Consent, which can be downloaded through the website or by clicking here.After filling out the form, the customer must submit it send to the e-mail address:, it can also be sent physically or by post to the respective KRK branch.


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